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SHFA Classes

KdF Classes

We currently offer 3 classes focused on Meyer's Kunst des Fechtens

Introductory & Beginner's Class (60 minutes)

Intended for people who are new to historical fencing and Meyer's KdF the introductory class is a free session limited to a maximum of 5 students. During this class you will be introduced to historical fencing, its origins, and the basics of stance, movement, and cutting. This class is completely free and there is no obligation to continue.

Students who choose to continue will be enrolled in our Beginner’s class which is taught in a group format. In this class you will learn the principle strikes used in KdF along with footwork and defensive actions. Students will spend a minimum of 8 sessions with this material to cover all of the fundamentals.

"Schuler" White Ribbon Class (60 minutes)

After completing the Beginner's class you will be assessed to make sure you understand the required concepts. After this you will earn your white ribbon and rank of Schuler (Student) within the school. The White Ribbon classes focus on the technical application of techniques with an emphasis on the part of the fight known as the "Krieg". 

The White Ribbon class is a group session that includes technical skills, technique drills, and freeplay sparring. Students are required to have their own fencing mask and approved gloves to engage in steel sparring. If you do not yet own a fencing mask and gloves you may still participate in sparring using padded weapons. 

"Fechter" Red Ribbon Class (60 minutes)

The Red Ribbon class is for students who have earned the rank of Fechter (Fencer) in one or more weapons. This rank recognizes a students competence in the specific weapon and allows them to help mentor other students who have not yet obtained this rank.

The Red Ribbon class is a group study session with a shift focus and structure determined by the participants. Some days may be dedicated to deeper exploration of a specific technique while others focus on freeplay sparring. 

Philosophy of Battle

Lightsaber Combat (60 minutes)

For those seeking to learn to fight with a weapon from a more civilized age our lightsaber combat class is for you. Learn to wield this elegant weapon with an eye towards competitive fighting.

All Programs

Sword Psychology (30 minutes)

Your brain is the mightiest weapon you have, sharpen it like the weapon you use... Lean how to recognize and address nervous system activation and to channel it to your benefit. Develop your inner practice to aide and enhance your physical practice.

The schedule for all classes can be found on the school calendar