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The Philosophy of Battle - LEDsaber Combat

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Kunst des Fechtens

La Verdada Destreza

Scienza d’Arme

The Philosophy of Battle



Nothing captures the imagination quite like a robed figure facing off against a black armored foe, blazing sword in hand. The Philosophy of Battle is all about drawing upon the teachings of numerous sources to craft a martial art system that works with the way in which these fabulous sabers made of light would be used. Making use of the LEDSaber we are able to help you realize your dreams of being a champion of justice, or a conqueror seeking to control. 

Whether you plan to focus on the practical application of your skills in competition such as that arranged by The Saber Legion, or you prefer to focus more on the rich traditions that can be found within any sword art we're here to help. Learn to wield your LEDSaber with confidence and cunning. 

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